The complex consists of the houses made of red ceramic bricks with a project layout and a possibility of apartments uniting. The housing stock is divided into 38 sections and consists in total of 1141 apartments of three types.

In apartment buildings in the Park Sauvignon Residential Complex 5-chamber windows with energy-saving insulated glass units and panoramic glazing are used.
High ceilings
The height of the premises is 3 m. A feeling of space is another advantage of the apartments in Park Sauvignon Residential Complex.
Autonomous Heating
Autonomous Heating: gas double-pressure boilers enable you to start your heating season anytime.
Armoured doors
Reliable protection of your personal space.

Prime construction materials
Efficient red ceramic brick
The sea is within walking distance
Sea air and clean beaches
Silent, high-speed elevators produced by Otis
Standard developer's finish
Apartments are provided with standard developer's finish

Safety and security
Secured territory
Convenient infrastructure
Special free route, no traffic jams
A shopping centre, visitor parking and parking

Perfect place
for life

«Park Sauvignon» is constantly growing and developing. New houses of the complex are put into operation according to a clear schedule – every six months. You can be sure, your building will be ready for operation in time.
metka house
metka house
metka house
metka house
House 1
First stage
Delivery term
of the building:
IV quarter of 2017.

All apartments sold
House 2
First stage
Delivery term
of the building:
III quarter of 2018.

All apartments sold
House 3
First stage
Delivery term
of the building:
II quarter of 2019.

3 apartments are left

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House 4
First stage
Delivery term
of the building:
IV quarter of 2019.

27 apartments are left

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leaf1 leaf2 Installment plan
up to 36 months
leaf2 Down payment from 10%
Interest-free installment plan until

If you want to be in harmony with nature, buy an apartment in a new residential building in RC «Park Sauvignon»

If you want to become a happy owner of an apartment in a new residential building in Odessa, you need exactly RC “Park Sauvignon” located in the elite area Sauvignon in immediate proximity to the sea. It is a perfect place for those, who want to live in the city, but at the same time, to be in harmony with nature at most. Thousands of green plantings and sea provide RC Park Sauvignon with unique environmental characteristics, so you do not need any cottage any more with such apartment in Odessa in such an inimitable place.

Purchasing an apartment in a new residential building in RC Park “Sauvignon” is a possibility to become an owner of luxury accommodation with an atmosphere of the resort city. The main construction material for RC “Park Sauvignon” is a red ceramic brick. Only this type of brick is extremely resistant, wear-proof, water resistant, environmentally compliant and almost timeless. There are not so many buildings in the world composed only of bricks, and we use it a hundred percent, as this construction material provides the highest technical and comfortable properties of the buildings. Developer company ZARS follows all the innovations in the construction field, studies them and successfully uses materials of the highest quality and the most progressive engineering solutions.

Buy an apartment near the sea in RC Park Sauvignon and become the owner of the accommodation with the atmosphere of a resort city

Depending on your preference and financial capabilities, you can purchase a big apartment near the sea in RC “Park Sauvignon”, one-room apartment with area of 30-45 м2, two-rooms apartment with area of 55-56 м2, as well as 3-rooms apartment with area of 79.57 м2, as we carefully think over modern planning solutions. Regardless of total area, you will buy an apartment in RC “Park Sauvignon” in Odessa, which will different by high quality, because we think out all the details. In residential buildings in RC “Park Sovinion”, we give preference to five-chambered German windows Rehau with energy efficient double-glazed windows and general panoramic glazing, to armoured door, which is a reliable guarantee of your privacy protection. We are able to begin heating season at any time using individual heating, and soundless high-speed lifts of Otis Company will provide you with a comfortable movement. A high ceiling and fine finish state of the apartments are indisputable benefits of the apartments in RC “Park Sauvignon”. We described only some benefits, because shops, shopping and entertainment centres, kindergartens, fitness clubs, restaurants, pharmacies and of course, guarded restricted territory are just pleasant additions, without which it is hard to imagine a comfortable accommodation. Therefore, we consolidate our leading position on construction market as providers of the best residential buildings in Odessa.

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